Outshined EP

by Earth Anchor

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Fickle 03:40
How much time did you spend looking at yourself again? Did you forget to change your mask today? At the end of the day, what will remain when the outside wrinkles away? It's not just me who's noticing the hand-picked few you keep around. Convenient that they just make you look better on the ground. And when you come crashing down, will your admirers be around? They'll find out you don't know how. Your investments have all gone sour, so instead you'll pick up a title with power. You're not the enemy, you're just a symtom of the issue. Maybe you will change, maybe you'll get better. The hand-picked few you keep around just make you look better on the ground.
Finish Line 03:15
Not sitting still. I'm not staying in. But, I feel like something's got to change soon. Stagnant mind, my daily grind. Trying hard to re-arrange it all, but how..? Admit this aloud, you can make it there if you try. If you want it bad enough, you won't give up now, so take pride. Nothing gets you to that finish line but yourself. Excuses aside, you'll be amazed at how fast you get there. It's easier said aloud than done. 'Effort is the hardest thing to fake', I've heard. Quit giving up, give up being a quitter. Fail only as much as you can take, move on. It might get better. It will get easier. Go on. Take that first step.
I'm recovering, but I don't need a crutch to go anywhere without another's touch. Accident in the worst degree. Only one thing that stops me from spinning. Now, lately you've insisted I pull my empty lines. No use dragging behind. Predictable decline. You wouldn't believe how broken. Lately, I think I should try again. Would you keep me here if I let you go? Something I could take that would let me know? Everything I've heard, I'm not sure if it's true. I just can't keep myself from you. I am 55 miles per hour. I'm falling faster than you realize. Hold tight, I'm a mess, I assure you. I like to believe that I'm stronger than I think. Oh sweet patience, why can't you be mine? Don't take hanging up as a no, and don't hate my falling asleep. I'm 55 miles per hour, and I'm falling faster than you realize. So hold tight on to me.
Fell Short 05:55
You can't perceive things you don't see. There's no closure from those who never cared. All you've been is disappointment. Not sure why I tried. Not my problem anymore. Apologies came a little too late. You can't understand the mess you made. Now, I can't hear them. I won't hear them. Now it's just me, and I'm still the same, and I can't believe you expected me to change. And I can't hear you, I won't hear you. If you wanted me, you fell short. The human underneath, I'm so sure. Can't hold together what's already broken. I thought it was implied that you're supposed to try. People change, but I stayed the same. Can't say I'm surprised in either you or me. A little too late the apologies came, now I'm stuck here under the weight. And I can't hear me. I got too close too many times. There's no blame in that; the fault was mine. And I can't hear you, I won't hear you.


Recorded in 2013 in Portland Oregon by Earth Anchor.


released July 7, 2013

Earth Anchor (on this EP) is:
Heather Steele - Vocals
Kevin Carafa - Drums/Bass/Guitars




Earth Anchor Portland, Oregon

Post-hardcore / rock / shadow-boxing
from Portland, OR.

Est. 2013

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