Virtue & Fault

by Earth Anchor

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Words spat so hastily. What does it really mean? I used to think I shouldn’t speak, and all you say just makes me believe. And the biggest lie of all (just admit it): you haven't grown up. Bury the hatchet and have an open mind, or say goodnight. You promised a difference. You've shown no commitment. You live your life, it passes by. You're shut so tight, you never realize. The things you knew aren't true. Life has changed, its not the same. Reaching for answers,you should just move on. Its what you are, not what you were. Now, you're on your own.
Bad Company 02:52
So fed up of feeling I'm misplaced. That pity fit, I am my own disgrace. I wanted so bad to find my own version only of what everyone else had. Help I'm alone here, please. Left behind. Surrounded by bad company. The edges are closing in. All I can do is breathe. The jealousy I hide to try and keep balance; I can only see when all my dreams are coming true. My tunnel vision, blurring the frame. All I can do is just breathe. The edges are closing in. I'm holding on, I'm hanging in. I'm waking up, I'm letting to. I'm working hard, my open hands. All I can do breathe.
Favors 05:00
Well this is the last time. Your mistakes are gonna catch up with you. I've been here close to 10 years and I just don't see the point. I got too close, I gave up a part I didn't want to give. As soon as I get myself a ride, I'm gonna run away. No more mistakes to make, no more relationships to break. Stuck in the middle of the road between choice and fate. So call in your favors when you walk into mud. I've got a handle on life, I'll take my chances and try.
Overdrive 03:14
I let you in. Self deprecation is my greatest strength. I trusted you. What you tore, you took out of me. You loved me. In the fragments and ruins of what we once were. You know what you said, I won't let you forget, so don't you forget. If you never saw my overdrive, you'd never know how bright I shine. I wish I never let you in my life, your tainted ways and compromise. I wish I knew how much you'd make me cry, your fractured rib, my shattered mind. I wish you never saw my overdrive. My limit break. My life divide. Just live on. Just live like you told me once in the dark. In your ignorance there, you saw me whole. I thought I could fix you. I'd open the doors, breathe the unknown. And in came decay. I'll never forget. Stay out of my life. Get out of my mind. I never knew I was so dangerous. You always knew I could dangerous.
Defective 04:30
We're all defective if you look inside. It all depends on perspective. When the day's done, have you made yourself proud? Are you the monster? Your hands down at your sides..? You played it down like you want to be and its on me, now it's on me. You count it down and it's 'one, two, three' till it's on me, now it's on me. It's either love or resentment you told me you avoid. That feeling on the in between. Filling the holes with speaking. You changed the way you think. But you hate the same. Goodbye, I'm with another. Sincerely: your other. I'm gone now, I'm with another.


all songs written and recorded in portland oregon by earth anchor

earth anchor is:
andrew carreon - drums
heather steele - vocals
kevin carafa - guitars/BG vox
todd fowler - bass/BG vox


released February 2, 2014




Earth Anchor Portland, Oregon

Post-hardcore / rock / shadow-boxing
from Portland, OR.

Est. 2013

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